Yes for Chicken Chimmies! =)))

Today I missed church - my head is so congested and the boys did awful during the night, so Dan got the boys and left for church - I slept in another hour.

We had plans to have lunch at the Mexican place by our house with Tati & Perry so I combined the need + a pleasure and just walked there.

Dan was driving there to meet them but had to stop and get me because I was gonna be late - still I think I did pretty good!

Walked from my house to a parking garage by Kings Island; a total of 3,7 miles in just a little over 45 minutes. It was a down the hill route so that just made me want to run - so I ran 1/2 block - walked 1/2 block.
This was my best timing by far - Also the most I have ever ran this past 22 days. It felt so good!

Learning from my mistakes: I placed my id and my debit card in the bottom of my shoe - didn't think it was gonna make a difference but that foot - Oh it hurts!!!! =oP

Other then that I feel pretty good! My body was burning hot (It was a hot Sunday morning - well noon-ish time) and I was dripping sweat! That wasn't very pleasant at the restaurant but I eat that Chicken Chimichanga without think twice! =)))

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