I did

I did walk my 3 miles today. Ran on the cemetery til the "yellow gate" (Maybe 0.1 mile? haha)

Lots and lots a whizzing - my breathing is still very heavy - chest and sinus very full and congested.

Benji said last night while I was laying down if him trying to get him to bed:

B: "Mom - What is that noise? Do you hear someone talking?
Me: No baby, it;s not talking, it's mama's chest that is whizzing - blah blah blah.... I explained
A few minutes goes by - he was trying to get to sleep and says :
"Mom, You can go sleep with daddy now; I can't sleep when your chest is talking" =D

And MAN! I still miss my scale SO bad... I might have to bring it back home this week! =]

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