I tried

For some reason I didn't get my walk today - I did clean my car!!!! =D haha

Anyways... so I felt so bad that I got the pedals we have upstairs (like the picture below) and try doing it.

Well - bad idea all around.
First Noah wanted to play with it - so the time passed - I was almost ready to go to bed when I started and did about 30 minutes.

Second - I GOT BURNED! The actual pedal's holder got so warm (I was pedaling pretty fast) - I mean they got hot! I touched and burned my hand - if that wasn't enough I touched the side of my food and got burned.
It even smelled like burned plastic! I guess those things aren't made for "intense" use - lol

My burns were pretty bad - like a curling iron! My food one turned into a blister! =oP

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