Lots and lots to say at 21 days

This week I really had a feeling I was loosing the momentum.

Crazy withdraw!!! C R A Z Y !!! I cannot tell you how many times I walked into my laundry room to weight myself!!!
Well - a little explaining: I was checking my weight about 5 - 6 times a day - no joking - so I left my scale at my Chiro's office. So this is being a week of withdraw to me and it's being quite hard!
I'm dieing to know what I weight now - not for a good reason - if I'm under of what I expect I ususally go crazy on snacks and junk - when I'm up I shut my mouth! SO this past few days I have not junked out yet! (and that may just be a very good thing) *feeling totally weird about this addiction*

Today was day 21. Dr. Pam always told me that you need to do something 21 times for it to become a routine/habit. Today is day 21 since I started taking my walking serious, and to be honest - it doesn't feel like a habit yet!

Like I said - for a minute there I lost the momentum. I do know now that what was making me feel so "weird" this past week was a bad cold. I have a full sinus, lots of drainage, earache and sore mouth (Cause I can't spell throught - yeah - that doesn't sound right! spelling anyone????)

But the good news is - that even with all that and more (the more to come soon) I still made it:

Thursday: 3 miles on the regular route
Friday: 3 miles on the regular route + a block
Saturday: 3 miles on the regular route

How did I do it? Everyday I left with $2,00 thinking "I want a chocolate so bad, but if I just have a bar I will feel so guilty, so I will walk and only take so much money with me and when I'm done I'll stop at UDF and get a chocolate bar or an ice cream"

Another good news is that I went in and out with the 2 bucks twice - Today I couldn't;t resist so I did have ice cream. But still 1 out of 3, that is VERY good for me! =)

Also I tried adding some running into my walks - here and there when I get that urge to run I just do as much as I can.
- hideous - it's what I say because I can't run much, but I guess we need to start somewhere!!!

Believe me or not I already have seeing some improvement. I always start at the same point - at the cemetery, and the first few times I couldn't pass the first "stop light" - today I was actually able to go all the way to the "yellow gate".
It was actually a very cool situation - as I started I didn't think I was even gonna get to the big "black poll" I being trying so hard to get to it this past week; but surprisingly after I passed that "black poll" it's like my breathing got easier again and I was able to make it to the "yellow gate" (which is like another 0.0001 miles - lol) but anyways... I did it!!! (Hey - funny landmarks I have??? - lol - the black poll - yellow gate lol)

__________________ * ___________________________

*The more I mentioned up there (the more to come soon)
Guess what hurts me the most when I walk???


Yeap - my little 1/2 round lob part that "hangs" inside of my ears hurt from the headphone! It's like my nice delicate little ears got rapped by my headphones!!!! I need to find an alternative! =)))

Anyways - this was a pretty long and confusing post and if I go back and read I will make it worst - so I just hope if we ever need any of this information we can understand it!

Have a good one people! And don't forget to wake up extra early tomorrow and a nice walk! =)))
Luv ya all!

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Gugah said...

throat my dear

I understood ur post just fine baby
u r doing a gr8 job!!