Tuesday was a total of 5 miles

Monday after my walk that little head pain went away... I being doing a little routine whenever I feel a migraine coming (Sombra on my neck and blue oil on my temples and forhead) it's being working most of the time!

But yesterday, Tuesday I walked 2 miles in the afternoon while Noah was on speech therapy - it was so hot - the sun was out there - so not to my surprise by 6pm I had a killing migraine - first of this past week - it seem to start wuite often but it goes away - well not yesterday!

So by 8 pm I walked another 3 miles hoping it would help! No deal! =(
After the walk I took a imitrex and went to bed, and this morning it's gone! =)))

Raining today! I'm SO looking forward walking in the rain! =)))

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