Blood work results

Yesterday I had a blood work done - not even 8 am this morning I got a phone call from my Drs. Office with the results (which I can' remember all the numbers right now - I will be calling the Drs. office and asking for a copy soon) I can remember that my cholesterol total is 290 (should be somewhere between 35-140. So yeah - it's high! very high!

This may just be the turning point for my life! What I need to get my body moving. It scared me enough to think twice when I want to snack on something bad - but yet it's only being a day! Only time will tell what way will I choose - better habits or meds for the rest of my life!

Talked to Dr. P who sent me so much good information to open my eyes about the sugar how that does a great part on the whole cholesterol deal.

I walked 3 miles today - my "regular" route/track

Here is a few good reads:

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