More pictures…

I haven’t had much time in thecomputer - so here, some MORE pictures so you know what we being up to!!! (You’ll  probably need to click on most of these pics in order to see them…
anyways… have fun!)

Who said you need to speak the same language in order to play together???? LOL * Tia Claudia & Noah - just having a goodtime - !
Last wee we went visit with Tati’s family. Vera, Dani, Daia & Rafa had us for lunch & we went out to the studio after that… * Noah loved Rafa’s dog

 And Saturday was Gabriel’s birthday… look how content he was!!!

I swear Noah IS on this picture!!!!

Benji also hada blast in the ball’s swimming pool
 Blahhh - Noah tooka break to poop! great! =)

 And went right backin the ”pool”
 And a good pic of Guga & Clau by Benjamin!

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