Benji’s last minute Car’s Birthday party…

… turned out to be a lot of fun! He was a little sick and we were not sure what to do but ended up that he had a great time!
These pictures from Irala’s camera won’t post smaller- so enjoy them “on the big screen” LOL Who needs clowns???? LOL ( Niga inblueheheh -Ana & Me)
 A traditional brazilian candy we make on parties - it’s kind of like a fudge but better, very soft and sweet- now in a new style :on a cup”
Note to the brazilians: Gente??? Que que isso…brigadeiro de colher? Essa moda pegou e nao foi a toa, heim?Eita maravilha!!!! Comi comi comi ate! Isso eh bom demais o gente!

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