We are back home!

It was a nice smooth flight back home – the boys were incredibly good. (Thank God for such a calm trip)
I have a stuffed up nose and a sinus headache…
Coming from an 85 to a 30 degrees weather can bit anyone I guess.

It was extremely hard to leave this time; I don’t think I ever felt that before, at least not that strong! It’ been hard on me.

But the vacation is over….
I have a ton of pics to post – a huge pile of cloth to wash… and 3 bags to unpack I’m not sure where to start… I also need to start looking for a house, we need to move in less then 60 days… man – this is crazy!

This Sunday is Benjamin’s birthday party (if you haven’t gotta an invitation on line, please contact me!) and I need to finish that as well.
Good thing that Elan is visiting, he’s being spending all kids of time with the kids and that helps me a lot…
Also the boys miss the whole crazi ness attention thing. so they are happy to have Elan & daddy.

Man! I need to speak lots of Portuguese with the kids, they are doing great and I want to keep it up!

Blahhh – my head is somewhere else… I can’t quite function right… not sure what
is going on with me. Hopefully it’s just a “ time changing” thing and I’ll feel better soon.

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