God’s plans are perfect!

Dan’s car broke a couple weeks before I left to Brasil. It was not worth it to fix it so we decided that we were gonna wait until I got back from Brazil to decide what to do - in the mean time Dan was gonna drive the Van.

My friend Connie calls me every other day in Cincinnati, she has also a “calling plan” to Brasil, so she called me here a few times too. She never knew Dan’s car was gonne… Somehow we forgot to talk about that…
One day she calls me here in Brasil… she mentioned she is moving back to Brasil (that made me SO upset) she is such a good friend always there for me…
…we talked for a while and she said: “I praied about my car,it’s broken, I don’t want to fix it, but the Lord said it’s supposed to bless someone… I’m not so such what to do - do you know anyone who needs a car???”

Of course I sais “It’s me” - of course. LOL I asked: “Did u know Dans car broke???”

Anyways… we talked for awhile about it… She gave it to us, Dan sent the car to be fixed. It costed about $800 to get it all fixed up and now we have a 2001 black Stratus that is probably worth more then 3500 bucks!!! =)
Dan drove the car this whole week and said it runs great!!! We are so excited and thankful to the Lord and to Coonie!

- reporting from her side,she called today and said the Lord has being blessing her tremendusly - he actually got some money she wasn’t expecting from like 2 diferent sources and she is also VERY thankful for the work the Lord has being doing in her life!!
Probably by reading this post you can’t imagine howperfect God’s plan is/was. The way everything happened and the ways God works are just amazing!!

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