My lap top is officially dead - Isn't it sad to see this?
I'm not surprised! This LT has fallen at least 50 times, has survived Benjamin and Noah and their dirty hands, water spills and more!
And from all the people on Friday then dropped it and the screen cracked all over! Al least it happened with him not me! =))) hehehe
Now starting to save money to get a new one and looking for good deals. I sent my mom the netbook so I'm literally Laptopless for a little while!

Acreditem ou nao essa eh a tela do meu laptop! Quebrou semana passada! Depois de 50 caidas, sobrevivendo o Benjamin eo Noah bebes, com maos sujas e muita agua derrubada. o Daniel quebrou a tela!
Ainda bem que foi ele e nao eu! =) heheeh
Agora tenho que comecar a guardar dindin e perquisar precos para comprar outro! =(
Que chato

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