Celebrating life

I got this orchid last year, the day my dad died. The flowers lasted 3 mos; the longest I ever had an orchid to stay flowered after it bloomed. Since December this same plant has a tinny little sprout and I was thinking it wouldn't ever come out, it kind of just froze in that stage.

Today I noticed that is actually is growing, it even has 2 leafs!
In 3 weeks it will be 1 year since my dad died. One year since I got that flower, and here after 1 year of being "dormant" new its coming from it.

I bet we'll have a flower on May 3rd. A flower not to remember his death but a flower to celebrate his life!
Dad was a happy man. Satisfied with the blessings that came his way. Always wished for little and would undress himself to give it to others in need.
Little but amazing times he had with my kids and wonderful memories we have.

Memories we need to celebrate and keep alive in the boys memories. That they may learn to live content like Vovo Celso was. Happy and kind.

I have a feeling I may need some good company this weekend in order to stay positive. I miss my father and all the goodness he always brought around. He would be so upset to see me sad, still I'm sure he understands how much I miss him and how much I wish he was around. He would tell me to stop and be strong. For him, for me, for the boys!

But all I ever wanted was to make him proud! So for that I will smile!

I stand on the promise that soon we will be together again.

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Essa orquidea eu ganhei da minha amiga Dani no ano passado, no dia em que meu pai faleceu.
Ela tinha flores bonitas que duraram 3 meses, depois secou!

Agora depois de um ano notei que esta saindo um botaozinho! E nao vou com isso lembra a sua morte e sim celebrar a sua vida!
Linda, pessoa bonita com muitas coisas boas para ensinar!

Passamos pouco tempo juntos (- meus filhos e ele) mas temos memorias lindas e espero que eu possa mante-las vivas e que meus filhos sejam tao doce e queridos quando o Vovo Celso!

Ele estaria muito triste se me visse triste - iria dizer - Pare com isso menina! Seja forte, por mim, por voce e pelos seus filhos! Entao bola para frente - vamos ficar feliz pois temos fe que em breve esteremos juntos no reino de Deus!


Carol Ribeiro said...

I'm sure he was a proud dad for having a wonderful daughter like you darling! Muah!

Clau said...

He was proud of us, sis... no doubt about that! Maybe not as much as we're proud of him, but we can say for sure we were loved by him.
I love you!

Lica G. said...

I think he may not had agreed with our choices but yes he was more proud of us than u can imagine!