no more “chocola milk” for ya

I finally feel better! And my lap top is fixed!!! =) yeah!!! (Hmmm, do you feel any connection there? – lol)
“Lap Top – phone – home!” Lol lol lol lol


– Dan & I now like spending our Sunday mornings trying to do some Pancake Art – Man, this is hard!!! Check out some pics:
And last week Dan had the brilliant idea to give Benjamin plain milk (on the sippy cup) – Benji has being only drinking “chocola milk” for about a year now… and you guys guess what??????????
My kid didn’t even realized that there was NO chocolate in his milk!!!!
So he’s being drinking all this sugar/chocolate this WHOLE time for NO need! Just because I’m a bubble head… =oPPPP
So, it’s being a week now that Benjamin drinks a cup of PLAIN milk before bed!
How cool! =)

Benji did so nice last night too – and so did Noah, Tim & Katie had invited us for dinner, and they played really well with their 3 boys. It was a perfect weather and we had a very nice time!

B & N also played with Isabella yesterday while Dari & I were “working” on a blog for her – and let me tell ya… that is a story to post about but I’ll leave that to her! =)

I’m excited that 2 of my friends had started blogs this past week…. =) I love catching up and keeping it “updated” – especially from friends that we don’t see very often!

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