No wonder I have so many wrinkles…

It’s because I laught too much!!! =)
Benjamin sat in the sofa this evening, held the remote control straight up to the TV and started changing channels, just about a minute later he said:
-         Mom, I can’t find “Golft” (Golf) on TV. Can you find for me?
-         What do you mean Golft ? I asked.
He did a nice simulation of a swing with both arms and said:
-         Like this mom, Golft… that we play!
-         Oooohh!!! You want to watch GOLF on TV?? - pause - Are you sure???? I asked surprised.

He said yes mean while I flipped channels until we found “Golft” and he just sat there for a pretty good amount of time, watching, swinging his arms every once in a while and making personal comments to every play “Oh no, he missed! Did you see that mom?” or “WOW, Nice shot”

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