This was better then a party…

Music of the day:
“…I’m gonna party cause it’s my birthday…
We gonna party cause it’s my birthday…” (My version! Lol)

After a lovely time with my family Thursday I went out with the girls Friday night for some desert & drinks at Grand Finale.
I had SO much fun – and so did everyone else! =) We had the best food and the best time!!!  I think we all got 2 years younger from laughing so much! We even talked about man, politics  & religion and still laughed! ( I mean – if you know these woman you know what I’m talking about!)
It was awesome to see Melissa – she is already showing a “bump”. I drove with Shelly (thanks for making this a great night!), Dari & Katia, we also meet with Dani, Simone R , Simone M, Nicole, Leslie, Angela & Vanina.
Even thou I wrote in bold – NO GIFTS – on the invitation I still got a bunch of gifts, one cooler then the other! But the best party of course was enjoying the girls and having a great time!
They kicked us out of the place because even after closed we were not ready to go…– I don’t think they’ll ever take a reservation for a Golan again! lol
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In another note:
I just publish a bunch of posts I had on “draft’ – make sure you scroll back and take a look! =)

Girls and their deserts!!!
Sorry to the other girls that I didn’t post pictures of you - it’s probably because I looked a little too funky on them! =oP

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