Bowling Saturday for the kids!

Dan made plans with Kip & Tim to take the kids out to bowl!  At first Benjamin wasn’t so excited!
After Dan & I gave up, Kip with all his patience talked Benjamin on giving it a shot – and of course he enjoyed! =)
I loved the shoes!!!! =) Too cute!
Grace - man she is a pro! It was sooo fun to watch!
Isaac was always wipping his bowling bowl with the towel and doing s lot of strikes! =)
Robyn’s funny “spinning” trow and Noah getting a turn too! =)
 We had a great time, lunch, dinner, and watching the game later that night. Shannon & Tim came over later for a little bit - They brought us (Dani & I) Guarana! heheh So nice!
 i’ll be posting Daniela’s movie soon - dancing - just HILARIOUS!!!!

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