Me, Myself & Lilian

I’m just gonna have to accept the fact I’ll be overweight for now on!
Only 3 days not watching what I ate and I put in over 5#s – believe me or not! =(

My face is more broken out then the teenagers on my street and I’m getting full of “worry lines”.


I guess I need to “LET GO & HAVE FUN!”

It’s just *so* freaking hard 4 me to look in the mirror and feel like crap, ugly & very unattractive.!

T said my “insides” make me pretty - Mike T said it’s all about my “Inner Beauty”

* bullshit! *
That is ugly people talk!
I do believe in Inner Beauty -I’m just angry right now!

Angela has a great thinking and attitude about it – I wish I had just a tinny bit of it!
I have to change my attitude! It’s hard….
I talked to Dan about changing our relationship in 30 days – it’s being a week and so far we haven’t done anything, I’m loosing hope here…

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