APF & Ben’s Concert + things we are into to

Yesterday we went to see the Aussie Pink Floyd concert @ Taft Theater, it was insanely good! I was very impressed.

I post a few videos on my You Tube account. My camera is a piece of crap but still did a ok job – I wasn’t really concentrated on the camera – I was enjoying the show while recording so they are not good however it can give you a little taste of it! =)

Next year I want to go again!

And this is the Show Benjamin put up for us the other day – I forgot to post this video! Funny guy! He just waited their for applause! =) lol
The boys now love:
B - “Spider’s going up your back – spider’s going down your back…”
N - “Serra, Serra, Serrador…”
Dan is totally out FF – he is so upset! (I’m not! Lol)
And I? I love this Slim-Fast Optima Muffin Bar, I don’t do Slim fast diet or anything – I’m just a muffin maniac! Nutrition is not that great – lots of sugar, but better then a regular muffin! They have like a Blueberry, Banana Nut & Chocolate Chip
So this is the one thing I found to indulge in the mornings! Mmm with a spice pumpkin coffee! =)

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