Of couse we set goals to limit our tv time this fall/winter, so at first we picked just a couple of show. But wait! We can DVR and watch 3x faster in a quiet environment after the kids are in bed! So that became 5x more shows that we expected! LOL So we are watching:

The Office – Awesome as usual. It’s the best!

Law & Order – Not need to comment.

Kid Nation – I really enjoy this show – so does Dan. Benji even watches it with us… don’t understand much but watches it.

Survivor – Just because we used to enjoy – but to be honest it lost it. This one is full of “beautiful & strong” people and it just feels like set up… people just talk about “the way I play the game” … anyways… it’s just getting old!

Grey’s Anatomy – Even Meredith being as annoying as can be I still enjoy this show.

Private Practice – So far ok. I’m giving it a shot, we’ll see.

Carpoolers – I’m LOVING it! A lots of: “man are the best and yes we(man) are animals, we love sex and woman are dumb” kind of jokes but wait – 2 & ½ Man is like that also and we watch it!!!

2 & ½ Man – The comment is just above…

Desperate Housewife – Not important but I like to watch when I have a chance

So here is at least 5 hours!! FIVE!!! Five!!!! Five hours in front of the TV every week! Way more then I would like to but at least Dan & I do it together cuddling in the couch. I enjoy listening to “Singing Bee” while I cook dinner or do dishes if that is on…

Besides that we don’t watch anything else anyways… so I guess it’s all right.

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