Positivism (not even sure that is actually a word)

A nice big waive of “positivism” hit me this past couple of days, and I like it! (Insert happy funny voice here)

Even the parts that are not working out so great don’t drain me out, so it’s a cool balance.


I being to the Dr., my colesteral & blood preasure are high and that is a big *NOT GOOD* specially for someone in my age. Need to do something about it. I’m heavier then I ever being – even while pregnant I didn’t weight as much as I do right now – the problem is that it does not bother me enough to do something about it.

Now I’ll have to because it’s not just “looks” but we are talking about my health!
This past Tuesday I tried a new med for migraine but it didn’t do much! I was very desapointed! =(

Everyone else is getting sick, everyone but me and the boys! (Urru!!) GTJ!!!

The boys are just sweet loving kids, they are amazing and they make my life full of joy! They are the best gift from God! =)

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