My 1st father's day without my daddy

We got Dan a Guitar for father's day... he being wanting one for a while and we being talking about it too but he really wan't thinking I would do it without him with me (Thanks Mike for your help!) So he was SO happy! Also last Friday he went to see PHISH in IN, also gave his soul a smile! =)))
Happy father's day Dan! You are a great dad and awesome husband - all the way!

We had so much fun playing Wii on father's day - It's being a hard day - lots of cry! But overall I must thank God for my very good and dear friends!
They were all very concerned. many called, invited me to do things.
It was a good day, but I didn't think or feel any more about da then I would on a regular day.
I danced for quite a few hours - and that is something dad did all the time...
He would enter the room dancing - get home from work, leave his car and dance...
So dad... I danced for you!

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