An interesting day – I must make a record of it!

It started very turbulent with very disrespectful boys and naughty attitude. I sure did chose how the day was gonna turn out – and made sure to let them know they must go along with me so this could work for us.

WE were expecting the 365Portrait to come and they never showed up! Great! And only called on the last minute to let us know! =oP

Haley came about 10; Benji had a good time... they ate lunch incredibly well. Tati came for a few hours, with Thomas while Monica was at camp and we had a great time – relaxing and chatting our elbows off.

To top it off – after an awesome dinner dad cooked we headed to KI "just for 1 hour" (I really wanted the boys in bed by 8pm. But it ended up being a "get it all" trip to Ki with all the fixings! Funnel cake & Dippin' Dots ice cream (1st time the boys had both) and a second dinner (not that we needed it – lol) and a funny "80's show – live!" that it was actually very good.

We got to ride at least 4 rides the kids haven't done before, it was very nice! We even got to ride all of us together in the same seat for a few of them.

Noah who does *great* with using the potty at home had 2 accidents at KI this evening (luckily I had 2 extras sets of undies and shorts)

So of course – got home an had a bath – put away the 4 – yes 4 loads of laundry I have done today and I'm about to o to bed and have no dirty dishes! What a day! =)


Funny Stuff:

1 We actually got to ride a couple of rides on the "other side" of KI – It's so cool the boys are getting tall enough so we can enjoy some new rides together!

2. Benjamin – after he brushed his teeth said " Mom, you know what? I forgot to "sloss" my teeth! (Yes – he did mean Floss)

3. It was the first time I ever saw a child fall asleep while you are taking them out of the bath! Literally!!! I got the towel around him, he was laughing AWAKE while we were talking about the whole "sloosing the teeth thing" – got to the bedroom, just next door to the bathroom, went to dry him and WHAT? He is asleep!

4. At Ki – I saw a Chipmunk steeling food from a guy's hand! Is family didn't see – they were just sitting next to him, the only ones that saw I think it was me and him – it was HILARIOUS!

There were a couple more things that were so funny too but of course – I'm brain dead right now and can't remember!

Good night you all! =))

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