Happy Birthday Shannon!!!! =)))

I'm SOOOO so excited!

So it's my friend Shay's birthday today, I know what I want to get for her for her birthday but never made out this week - I was so busy with the kids and working - so anyways I still had a card for her and I also got her a lottery ticket that said "LOTS OF 50'S"

I wanted to get the birthday scratch lottery tickets but for some reason the "LOTS OF 50'S" called my attention - I open my purse and guess what? I only have 1 - yes 1 dollar and they do NOT take credit card. So I go ahead and get one and wrote into the card:

- I wish I could give you "LOTS OF 50'S" my dear, but I can't =(

Try the lottery ticket!

I sure did wishe from the botton of my heart! - and guess what???? She got 50 bucks!!!! The very first and only lotery I have ever got! With trully all the desire to give her $ for her birthday! =) Awesome! It's not "LOTS OF 50'S" but 50 bucks it's a good start! =)))

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