In very few words

Single or Taken: Taken
Do You Smoke: No
Do You Shower Daily?: Yes
Hug or Kiss?: Kiss
Soup, Salad or French Fries?: FF
Do you believe in God?: Very Much
Fruit: Mangos
Flower: Gerberas
Ice Cream: Blueberry
Restaurant: Chipotle
Sport: Hockey
Number: evens
Soda: coke
Song: Brown Eyed Girl
Color: Blue
Saying: I can do all thing thru Christ Whom is within me (or something like that)
Actor: Nicholas Cage
Alcoholic Drink: Vodka
Sight: ?
Smell: clean house
Breakfast food: Cinnabuns
Swam in freezing water: happy not
Jumped off a house: not yet
Been attacked: thank God no
Been on a plane: many times
Gotten injured: in many different ways
Bungee jumped: didn't have a chance
White water rafted: will in a near future
Pulled an all-nighter: not sure what this means
Broken a bone: never
Lied about your age: no reason to
Been in a hot air balloon: wouldn't do it
Surfed: tried at least
Hold grudges: what???
Play an instrument: had to
Read the newspaper: like to
Believe in ghosts: not
Have an obsession: many
Like winning: who doesn't?
Like waiting: who does?
Have freckles: no - but mom does
Snore: never heard
Believe in love at first sight: yes
Wear contacts or glasses: both
Like yourself: very much
Get along with your family?: better impossible
ocean/pools: Pool
cats/dogs: dogs
coke/pepsi: coke
summer/winter: summer
sugar/salt: sugar
pen/pencil: pencil
silver/gold: silver
ketchup/mustard: mustard
pants/shorts: shorts
math/art: art
sunrise/sunset: sunset

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