I walked for 45 minutes and got closer to 3 miles. with a very tinny little incline of 0.5 on the threadmill.

When I was leaving L & D showed up and I did more stuff with them:
3 lines* of lunges (lunges - is this sp right?) with 3#s weights
arms exercises with 5#s weights
2 or 3 more laps - walking) - it probably completed my 3 miles.
And played around doing abs and other stuff - but nothing that I believe I did enought to have any sort of effect - however - I believe it's from the lunges - today I CAN BARELY WALK!!!!! =oP

I wonder if I'll get to do anything today!


Vinicius Maguifer said...

Pena que é ingles! AINDA não entendo! sduhhudsauh

VALEU pelos seus comentários! :D

Gugah said...

hey, where are the updates?!?!
As your future personal trainer I need some info! lol
love ya sis