So – it’s funny the power of your words – this week I told my friend D that I wished I had a disease I saw on House that you tell people just whatever comes to your mind – and I so regret it now, as the best day I had last week I ruined by loosing a friend. l used the most mean words I could possibly use because I was really mad she didn’t do something I asked her to the way I expected before really finding out the reason why.
Not that the words I used shows what I really feel about her – I was just trying to hurt her – really – poor and straight out mean because I was angry. Of course I apologized but she still doesn’t want to be friends. I’m sure I would be feeling the same way. I’m trying so hard not to be judgmental 100% of the time with everyone and every situation (even knowing that it’s human’s nature) And I’m sure if I was on her shoes I probably would be VERY pissed off… however I can’t be mad at someone for too long – it would kill me inside. I’m ok with it. I asked for forgiveness and she choose not to be friends but God comforted my heart and made me in peace that I’m human and I make mistakes like the one that morning – a great morning when of no other reason I absolutely snapped. Now its look forward and work hard on patience and wisdom not do EVER do things without thinking. And waiting for another 2 new friends I’ll meet – I’m sure! Cause God never close a door without opening a window!

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