Are my shoes “Sketchers”?

Ben came to me and asked: - Are my shoes “Sketchers”?

We talked about it. When Dan got home he talked even more – what Sketchers are, that they don't make more or less cool – where he heard that and all that stuff...
On my end I was just shocked to know that my 4 yr old already knows about “cool” shoes and things like that. Worst – or better, I'm not sure, he didn't learn that from friends at school; worst in the meaning that the influence is all over, our crazy society and it's “rules”; better, cause I was still debating the home schooling situation and after that I'll have one more “check mark” on my public school list, specially being in such a good school district like the one we are.

He learned about Sketchers with a family friend that we would of seen doing HS or not. So, there, it's every where and I guess my motives are not enough at this point for me to go through with it!

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