Happy Birthday Noah!

A year ago…

…after about 7 hours laboring, 9 cm dilated and an emergency C-section Baby Noah was born! Feels like it was yesterday… and now just a year later he is walking, has 7 teeth, trying to communicate and keeping us busy!

We went to CCM for a fun afternoon – Noah LOVED the slide! Going up the steps and down the slide all by himself… cute! (Blah, I forgot my camera!) We had Jessica since Kip had surgery and Benji enjoyed her company!

It’s awesome to see Grandpa Elan playing with the kids! They were all running around, when Grace and Isaac came by all you could hear was kids running, lots of laughing and later the re-cups! (From laughing so hard!)

Daniela made Noah a cake and we sang happy birthday to him at Tati’s. She got him the cutest soft sole shoes (Thanks Dani – I loved them!)

Also - Happy Birthday to Mike P (40 - lol - not really , only 32) & Katie(26).

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