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1. Wild Oats Sold! =))) That is good news! I think we'll get more variety and better prices with Whole Foods! 


I was doing my laundry when....

  …I heard Noah crying in the living room, so I walked over there:

Benji: Mooooooooom, Noah is crying!
Me: Why?
B: Because I hit him in the head!!!  (He didn’t even give me time to say and continued…)
B: With this bridge mommy, I used this bridge…(a plastic toy)
M: Why Benji? Why did you do these? (while helping Noah)
B: He was blanking (breaking) my tracks, I’m playing trains and I hit him! (No signs of feelieng guilty here - at all!)
M: Benji – that was not nice, Noah is a baby he wants to play with you blah blah blah… + blah blah blah…
B: Sorry Noah! Then he holds my face and say: Mommy, I said sorry!!!
M: Thanks Benji – what about a big hug?
Benji hugged Noah, Noah smiled, tears running down his face
B: I think he needs that “Nemo” from the freezer mommy (a reusable fish shaped like ice pack we have)

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