App: Fail!

I love to blog because here I can spill my guts out, say whatever I wanna say and only whoever is interested will read. Also if it offends anyone I don't care – its about us – its about me and my family and what matters to me. If you don't like it don't log in! Don't read it! It's not like on facebook that you know it will be in their news feed rubbing it against their faces!

My only “thing” is that I don't like to write in English, I don't know how to express myself very well. Most of Brazilians will read in English but my American followers don't read in Portuguese – so yes, English is my language of choice. And I always wish I had a “personal writer” that would type while I speak!

Then - I got this new phone and there is an app – you speak to it and it will write it down for you! I was thinking – GREAT! Perfect -That is all I need! I will be just speaking to my phone and be able to blog way more often. I can literally do it as facebook and instead of writing I will speak and boom! Got it!

So excited and happy. Awesome awesome until.... I tried. So I said “This is so excited and happy to be able to just speak and blog it!” and this is what it came up:

“Hey, en savoir City ville about chat gitano”

                                                                      *** FAIL***
So guess what app Im deleting?!?!?!