In a few words

Friday: Basically played with kids all day evening: Scrapbooking meeting was nice - fun and very productive - I’ll post pictures of my work when i get a chance! It was a little later then I wanted - people left here 2 am but still I can’t wait for the next meeting! =) We had a few snacks, nice wine and lots of good conversation!

Saturday Melissa and Rick brought Noah’s new bed over and btw - HE LOVES IT! He had slept so good on it! ) And so have I) YES!
Played with kids
Afternoon we stopped by Katie’s to wish a happy birthday and check up beautiful Pearl and handsome Summit - after we went to Frances for a nice cookout wuth K’s family too.

Sunday - We went to Dr. Bills church with Kip, Dani and the Kids - had lunch with them at Skyline (was fun or what?)

Afternoon I watched “Kitchen’s nightmares” - awesome show! I really like Chef Ramsay - played with kids some more and got this week’s grocery done.

Good sale: Fresh Salmon $8,99 for $2,99/pound at Kroger

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