Be Or Not To Be…

…Upset? -That is the question.

As I heard a few of my husband’s friends talking about me (Yeap! direct to me – right at my face!) Talking about how I look!!!!

They were saying how I looked when Dan and I got married. They were nice, they were very nice talking about how I’m beautiful and how I’m still “sexy” even thou overweight and how they like hiding on me. (Even thou I don’t feel sexy, I mean to other people - I don’t even try to be sexy for other man - my husband does make me feel VERY sexy!)

But let’s me honest! How can a man say that right at a woman’s face “Hey sweetie – I love you, you sexy and all but you got to loose some weight” ???
I know it’s true – I’m over weight but that did hurt my feelings!
I guess the answer is YES! TO BE UPSET!

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