September so far

As you can see our September has being busy – no time to post – not time to spare!
We are *on going* 24/7 and there’s a lot more coming our way! But we are pretty happy!
Dan just came back from Florida and back to work after a 6 days vacation; he went down with his BFF (LOL) from high-school and apparently they had a BLAST! They got to see Dolphins, Manatees and Wales (?); do a bunch of guy stuff and more then anything – RELAX!
We missed dad dearly! The boys REALLY had a hard time – it scares me because I don’t think Dan will be able to stay in Brazil as long as we will and the boys are just gonna miss him A LOT! –All thou I believe it’s much hard for those you are left behind…!
We spent lots of time with Dani, Grace and Isaac – they had a few sleepovers and that was fun (except the fact Dani and I had a total of 5 hours sleep in like 3 days)

We totally treated ourselves with nice breakfasts (Danish, donuts and chocolate crescents) – Bob Evans a couple of times and ice coffees most mornings while the guys were gone; after all we had a “vacation” too. Dan got us quite a few gifts.

Kristen came by Thursday night and she cooked a AWESOME stir-fry for us! Yuuuumie K! We had the best time – just talking shit and drinking some wine – some of the neighbors joined us and it became a private party pretty quickly!

We also got to spend some time with Cindy and that was great! The kids had the best time at her place – she treats them like kids and they LOVE IT so us moms had a break too and C is just funny and good to be around, I always learn a lots from her!

The Bengals game on Monday was pretty awesome! They won.

Noah has changed a lots – it’s like he went from the baby stage to a 1 year old. He is so independent and busy. He is drinking Goat and Cow’s milk out of a sip cup and *finally* enjoying solid food!

Every morning when Dan leaves for work Noah stay at the door sobbing, he doesn’t want me or anything else…. He just wants his daddy! I can wait until we can do some serious life changing decisions. Can’t imagine how this breaks Dan’s heart every morning =(

Benji is in love with Pancakes, he calls them “Birthday Cake” and is asking me all day long to watch “Thomas & friends” -I find this the most boring cartoon EVER!
Tati’s mom leaving in a couple days, we saw Daniela’s parents & family that just got here and I just can’t wait to see mine!!!!

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