Past couple of weeks

* My lap top is back from Best Buy and it’s working incredibely good
* Jessie turned 3 - we had a lovely time time at her party, with cookie cake and water baloons
* We went to Boomerang Bay for the first time with friends. Benji really enjoyed except that water was REALLY cold - Our first time at the Nickelodeon a couple days later wasn’t so pleasent - Benji was happy to see all his favorites cartoon but he was not into riding on anything… so Daddy got a pass for father’s day and with him Benji was glad to ride lots of diferent things - trains are still his favorites!
* We went to West Lafayette - took “big” Jessica back home - she was here for like 10 days enjoying her summer break
* Priscilla got me hocked up to this awesome strawberry shortcake - I have made it twice this past week hmmm mmm mmm
* I started working at All State Insurance and I already quite! I worked 2 weeks -I loved working but work 6-10pm after a day with the boys + Jessica is not worth just to be able to afford a “large” life - is it large if you need to work that much? Family time it’s much more important to me and I’m happy Dan thinks so too.
* I must have some shit in my head because it’s 11:30 pm and I just drank 2 huge cups of mocha iced coffee AND whipping cream mmmm mmmm
* We attended to Hermes birthday party and man - let’s talk about have fun - that was cool! We almost didn’t make because it was the same day of our neighborhood party (that was fun as well) but really - KAtia and Hermes are great people - I hope they stay around Cincy =)
Some cute ones from
* Exmuse meeee mammy
* Mammy, Is daddy at wouk?
* tchoo tchoo frain
* Can I have a poscicle?
* Catch meeeeee mammy - or - Watch meeeeee mammy

* Hides his face with his hands to play “Pee-ka-boo”
* Learned how to do down the couch/bed - He’ll turn around and touch his feet in the ground… cute cute!

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