Past few days...

* Friday even thou I didn't do anything - I did end up taking the kids to KI so I wear a pedometer while I was there and had over 6000 steps ( in average 1 mile is about 2000 steps)

*Saturday we went to Daniela's house - it's almost 3 miles, we all walked there, Dan & I - Noah on the stroller and Benjamin on his bike! When I got there Daniela & I came right back to my house to get my car...
So I walked a total of 4.8 miles...
Ran the cemetery both ways! Almost the whole thing both times! =)))

*Sunday I did the regular route - 3 miles, ran the whole cemetery! =)))

* Monday? Well Monday no comments! Red's game - VIP seats all you can eat! No walk whatsoever... and LOT and LOT and LOTS of food! =))))
Monday I was supposed to start my 2 week intensive routine but I do think I have some sort of cold/lung thing going on! Lots of coughing - can't quite breath deep and from coughing so much yesterday I even had blood on my throat! =(
I want to go check this asap so I can start the 2 wks. (Seriously - I'm not putting it a side - I can't wait to start I just don't feel good - for real)

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