Like - 9pm while we were getting ready for bed

B: Mom I need to go to the library for an emergency

Me: Why?

B: I need to get a book on Sharks - to learn how they poop - they don't have a butt!

Me: Well - We'll do that tomorrow, don't let me forget! =oPPPP

__ * ___

Another night - also getting ready for bed

B: Jesus told me He loves me today

Me: He did?? How nice! How come? Tell me!

B: Well - I saw Him, He told me

Me: Where did you see Jesus?

B: In my heart - He lives there on a boat

Me: How come?

B: Well - there's blood in my heart and Jesus is on a boat so He won't drown on the blood...

Me: *speechless* - That's right Ben - I forgot! =oP

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